1, 2, 3… Relocation made easy

Our furniture assemblers, drivers and transporters will gladly help you have a peaceful relocation whether you are a private individual or a company. Richtig Service will take care of every phase of your relocation, offering you a professional and fast service.

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Relocation for private clients

Moving home involves new changes, new habits and the beginning of a new life. With us everything is easier. Quality relocation for any type of apartment or villa, carried out with the utmost care and professionalism throughout Switzerland.

Whether it's the first or the tenth relocation you have ever made, an apartment or a villa to any national or international destination, Richtig Service GmbH will offer a high quality, dynamic and effective service, working with the best resources: personnel , means of transport, equipment and materials; preserving peace of mind, guarantee and trust towards our customers.

Relocation for companies

Are you a company and are you changing location? Richtig Service GmbH will take care of your transfer!

Don't worry about the commitment and organization it would take to relocate your entire business, we'll take care of everything. Moving a factory, a workshop, offices, a shop, a bar ... is different from moving a house. Organization is what keeps this service in place, for us it is simple, but behind the planning of a move of any business there are several important details.

The presence of heavy machinery, shelves, desks, archives, scaffolding and stands; are an example of the different furnishings that you can come across in this type of move. Our qualified staff has undergone professional training to take care of these services as well. Trust us, we will carry out disassembly, reassembly, packaging and transport in the best way!

With Richtig Service GmbH we carry out relocations for multinational companies on national and international territory using all our organization, experience and professionalism for a complete 360° service. Being able to move the company headquarters in the shortest possible time is a necessity that should not be underestimated.

Packing service & packing material

The packing phase is one of the most important steps of during the relocation process!

Thanks to the packaging items, it is possible to protect the goods from any kind of surface or structural damage. Our Richtig Service moving boxes are of the best quality (double-layered), which means that the boxes can be reused several times. In order that you can delegate your relocation to our team in a relaxed manner, we offer you the complete packing and unpacking service for your house.

Richtig Service offers tailor-made packaging items: Folder cardboard, book cardboard, clothing cardboard, wine cardboard, crockery cardboard, crockery inserts, wrapping paper, adhesive tape, Fragile tape, bubble wrap, mattress covers small, mattress covers large, floor fleece, stretch film small, stretch film large, pen, felt, labels and much more.

Richtig Service also offers the opportunity to purchase used moving boxes from us at half price, if they are available. The shipping of the packaging material is free of charge if the move is carried out with Richtig Service.

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